October 22, 2015

Richard J. Lee Elementary School

Richard J. Lee Elementary School incorporates environmentally-friendly elements, adding them as teaching tools for students.  The first net zero elementary school designed and built in Texas, this school integrates principals of sustainability directly into its learning curriculum.  Students learn core concepts through the use of on-site solar and wind power, geothermal energy, natural day lighting, and rainwater collection.  Digital interactive displays highlight the building’s energy and water usage and show students how the systems are performing.

Traditional classrooms do not exist in the school.  Rather, grades are placed into small learning communities organized around a central collaborative space. In each community, break out areas help balance group and individualized learning. An outdoor classroom and learning lab – equipped with experiment tables and gardening boxes - add to the list of flexible learning environments.

More, there’s an eco-pond, rainwater collection cistern, native gardening, a human sun dial, butterfly garden, and solar panel learning station.

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