Michael Averitt

Michael Averitt


“All art is but imitation of nature.”

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Michael Averitt is an award-winning landscape designer with nationally and internationally acclaimed projects to his credit. His work ranges from constructing some of the largest urban mixed-use developments in the world to strategizing solutions for individual vacant lots in New Orleans.

Michael has a wealth of knowledge about how to create beautiful and enduring spaces, and an appreciation for how each unique site demands a unique solution. He has worked with a wide range of clients, such as city and state agencies, domestic and international developers, architects, and institutions, to lead projects through all phases of design, from concept to completion.

His background in mechanical engineering makes him ideally suited for developing solutions for technical and infrastructural problems using the landscape. Many of his award-winning projects integrate diverse social and infrastructural uses to multiply the value and performance of our public space.