Fox Sports Corporate Headquarters

Las Colinas, Texas

Talley Associates

Talley Associates provided complete site planning, design and landscape architectural services for this 200,000 square foot corporate office headquarters.

In response to a steeply sloping site, parking is organized in a series of terraces, linked to the south plaza of the building by a pedestrian spine, expressed by bosques of trees, pedestrian scaled lighting, natural grass plantings and a series of precast concrete steps. This plaza features large plantings of timber bamboo, a cold hardy species which provides year-round foliage and texture and defines pleasant outdoor rooms. Black Mexican beach stone and green decomposed granite are used as ground plane accents.

The visitor parking area is treated as a ‘curbless’ plaza, featuring scored and sandblasted concrete paving, a grove of pond cypress trees and a vine covered architectural parking canopy. Drainage is designed to flow into a bioswales, limiting storm drainage and recharging and feeding the landscape.