Covenant School

Dallas, Texas

Talley Associates

Three Architecture

The Covenant School is a classical Christian educational institution that is not only defined by its educational philosophy, but also its tradition as community. With an ultimate enrollment of some 400 students, K – 12, the 15-acre campus master plan focuses on a general site organization related to use and user groups. The master plan serves as a framework for future development. The specifics of the framework plan define the parking area to the north of the site with an internal vehicular circulation loop, separated from the pedestrian campus, allowing queuing and defined vehicular movement. The plan also delineates a building zone as defined by a 200 foot setback from the north, and a flood zone to the west. The design delineates a human scale, an arrangement of spaces that promote discovery, a preservationist’s care to preserve the existing character of the site, and illuminates the wonder that landscape brings to architecture and the educational experience of Covenant School.