St. Andrew’s Residence

Dallas, Texas

Talley Associates

Cunningham Architects

The Tree House in the Woods evolved around the development of a 6,000 SF home on two adjoining lots with challenging topography, lush vegetation and 100 year old cedar trees. As a naturalist with eclectic taste, the owner wanted to preserve views of the surrounding woods, circulation within the natural surroundings as-well-as access around the perimeter of the house. By way of large framed windows and layering of plant material, vistas from the home were preserved inviting the user into nature. The natural environment is further enhanced by minimizing hardscape elements and by using natural material and muted colors to create usable spaces, and pathways throughout the site.

Nature, building, and site are interwoven to create a great living environment. Interior spaces are in close connection to the outdoors. The site utilized a very light footprint with slab stone pads used for circulation and a “floating” outdoor terrace, used for living and entertaining, that steps to grade.