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Lochwood Branch Library

Location: Dallas, Texas

Talley Associate’s site design for the new City of Dallas Lochwood Branch Library complements the unique architectural design and embraces the environmentally conscious thinking in which the entire project was conceived. Many of the site’s mature shade trees are retained, integrating the building with its neighborhood setting. In sunnier areas of the site, sun-loving ground covers and a palette of native ornamental grasses and trees are used in simple masses that visually anchor the building to the site. A clearly defined drop off area at the main library entrance provides a small gathering space, seating and bicycle parking. The vehicular parking area is organized into two fields, in order to break down its apparent scale. Shrub plantings screen the parking area from the nearby street, ornamental grasses soften its edges and large trees shade its surface. Parking for approximately 100 cars is accommodated in the design.

The library is located in an established Dallas neighborhood, situated on the site of a former YMCA building. The Lochwood Library has earned a LEED Silver Certification through its energy efficiency, use of appropriate materials and thoughtful design.

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