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Pier 1 Imports Headquarters

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Size: 450,000 Sq. Ft.

The Pier 1 Home Office in Fort Worth, Texas is a 450,000 square foot facility that houses all of the firm’s corporate functions. The twenty-story office tower is sited on a prominent 15-acre site overlooking the Trinity River and downtown Fort Worth.

Talley Associates was responsible for developing alternative site design solutions reinforcing the concept of a landmark high rise building set in a park-like setting, complementary to the adjacent Forest Park Boulevard and Trinity River Park. Talley Associates provided detailed design development and construction documents, including detailed site layout, overall site grading and enlarged grading plans, hardscape design and detailing, site lighting design and landscape planting and irrigation design.

The site and landscape design incorporates native and well adapted materials to reduce the demand for irrigation. Approximately one third of the lawn area of the 15-acre site is buffalo grass. A large meadow of wildflowers and grasses is an important landscape feature incorporated into the layout and design of the walking trail, affording users and visitors to enjoy the seasonal variety of the meadow. The irrigation system is zoned in accordance with the water demands of the lawns and plantings, and trees are also irrigated with bubblers, providing more flexibility during times of drought.

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