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The Harbor District

Location: Rockwall, Texas

Size: 70 Acres

Project Architect: Three Architecture

The City of Rockwall commissioned Talley Associates to conduct a market study and develop a master plan for the 70 acre site adjacent to Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall, called the Harbor District. The project included a pedestrian oriented mixed-use development to stimulate and complement the existing Harbor Development with retail, office, residential, restaurants, public plazas, urban streetscapes, and parks.

Talley Associates established a Form Based Code to guide the development within the Harbor District to establish development controls that ensured the desired quality and vitality of the Harbor District. The key design requirements of the plan were to develop urban public plazas, naturalistic open spaces, and streetscapes that created strong focal and physical links to the existing Harbor development with excellent views of Lake Ray Hubbard from the hillside.

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