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Keller Town Lake Park

Location: Keller, Texas

Size: 7 Acres

Town Lake Park is the focal point of Keller Town Center, the civic and commercial center of the City of Keller. Through the sensitive sculpting of landforms, a utilitarian drainage channel was transformed into a major open space amenity. Over seven acres of lake area was created, circled by an extensive pedestrian trail system that links this pastoral landscape with Keller Town Hall and the neighboring retail and residential components of Town Center.

A broad palette of native and drought resistant grasses and trees was used to supplement the remaining mature native trees. As a further enhancement, native stone was used as a major design element. Large slabs of stone, stacked on end, were used to control storm water and sedimentation. Stone is also used in the walls defining the edges of the open space. The restoration and enhancement of wildlife habitats were additional goals that were achieved through the implementation of the design.

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