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University of Arkansas – Boreham Library Expansion

Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas
Size: 40,000 Sq. Ft.
Project Architect: MAHG Architecture
Boreham Library at the University of Arkansas added a 40,000-square-foot expansion as part of the University’s five-year strategic plan. The plan charts the role of the library as a tool for community intellectual, artistic, social and cultural advancement as well as a contributor to the area’s economic development.

The Boreham Library Expansion doubled the current size of the facility and brought it into the forefront of current library design and technology. In addition to traditional print library materials and resources, the new facility features major acquisitions of databases, digital books and periodicals.

Working closely with the architect, Talley created a site design solution that eases the building into its prominent site located on a major campus pedestrian access, resulting in a seamless integration of the Library with the existing campus framework. The restrained landscape design complements the simple, airy design character of the architecture, setting the building on a simple, slightly raised plinth that creates and enhances usable and accessible exterior spaces. As part of the site design, an existing courtyard was renovated to create a more welcoming setting for outdoor reading, studying and conversation.

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