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Watauga Road Residence

Location: Dallas, Texas

Size: 3 Acres

Project Architect: Smith Architects

A quiet, modern residence located on an amazing 3 acre, rolling, forested residential lot in Bluffview, this restoration and renovation embraced the natural conditions of the site. A delightful discovery experience unfolds throughout the property.  Restraint was key in protecting the forest, a simple palette of materials both architecturally and throughout the site allows the seamless transparency of the residence to blend into the forest.  The entry arrival was a restoration and enhancement of a 30 foot stepped grade change.  Fountains step with the site and a light entrance deck cantilevers into the forest, and understory planting of a natural garden enhances the forest experience.  Special ramps connecting the motor court weave through the forest to provide additional wheeled access.

The signature living area engages the pool terrace in a seamless way.  It is an elegant entertaining and living space, connecting the interior and exterior environment.

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