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Allen ISD STEAM Center

Location: Allen, Texas

Size: 15 Acres

Project Architect: VLK Architecture

Allen ISD STEAM Center was built with the goal of achieving an ecologically responsible design which can respond to the sites existing natural environment to provide a meaningful experience for the students. From the green roof concept which houses solar water heaters, to bioswales that facilitate effective and natural drainage of surface water runoff, this institute is saturated with sustainable and environmentally friendly design. Various plant species, natural gravels, and cobble stones occupy the wetlands and create filtration lenses that provide a natural way of refining the water. The installation of grass fire lane paving as an alternative to cement utilizes a natural softscape that enhances the environment while reducing heat gain. STEAM promotes the future while respecting the past through its’ use of multiple outdoor learning spaces which include a wetlands zone, various forest zones, a black land prairie, and a wildflower meadow that are accessible from indoor studios and collaboration spaces.

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