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The Lamplighter School

Location: Dallas, Texas

Size: 10,000 Sq. Ft.

Project Architect: Marlon Blackwell Architects

The Lamplighter School selected the team of Marlon Blackwell Architects and Talley Associates to provide architectural services for the design of a freestanding Innovation Lab, renovations and additions to the current buildings, and a new masterplan with an enlarged or reconfigured ring road, and overall campus parking and associated landscape design. The completed facility will be a new, approximately 10,000 square foot, hands-on learning lab to serve the school’s 450 Pre-K through 4th grade student population. A new Red Barn and refurbishments of the existing campus will also provide additional office space and resolve accessibility issues. As the centerpiece of the campus, The Innovation Lab will be an expression of the educational values and vision of the school, one which suggests an holistic approach to design, systems, and learning with a relationship to the natural environment, contributing to the vitality of the existing campus, while establishing a 21st Century Identity.

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